Customer Fulfilment Centre – Bristol

Customer Fulfilment Centre – Bristol

We were delighted to be appointed once again as Ocado’s consultant for the new mini CFC located in Avonmouth. The mini Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) is capable of satisfying 30,000 orders per week and features the latest Ocado IT systems technology.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the Ocado operation we were appointed to perform enhanced design and monitoring for the Mechanical & Electrical, Sprinkler, Refrigeration & Insulated Structure installations.

Our compliance team were responsible for monitoring and checking the quality of works on site along with commissioning & testing for services to ensure that the building had full functionality to the required design parameters.

300,000 sq ft Warehouse (36,166 sq ft Offices)
Design Services Performed:
Refrigeration & Insulated Structure[s], Mechanical & Electrical, Sprinkler Design & Fire Protection, Automated Warehouse Integration, Sustainability & BREEAM, Project Compliance

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