Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach

We aspire to make positive contributions to the communities we are in along with the United Kingdom overall, however, we need to ensure that this does not detract from our core purpose. We aim to act responsibly in our actions with key tenets of:

  • Reducing our impact on the environment.
  • Striving to combat the climate emergency.
  • Encouraging staff to contribute positively to local communities through volunteering, fundraising and using their skills/expertise
  • Investing responsibly to ensure our investments do not support unethical activities
  • Conducting all our business in an honest and ethical manner.

Our commitment

We want to make a positive difference through the services we provide, the way we provide them and the way we run our organisation as a whole.

  • Providing sustainable benefits for our staff as and when available
  • Minimising our impact on the environment, both directly and through what we do for our stakeholders
  • Providing support for the wellbeing and development of staff
  • Securing our own financial sustainability and independence
  • Improving the positive impact on the communities we live and work in and reducing the negative impact
  • Developing our partnerships with clients and understanding their needs and policy
  • Continuous development of our governance and transparency.

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